25 March 2020

Pourquoi le match amical Brésil-Ghana va se jouer au Havre

When you are alone for days or weeks at a time, you eventually become drawn to people. Talking to randos is the norm. I’ll never forget the conversation with the aquarium fisherman, forest ranger, and women at…

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22 March 2020

Coupe du monde 2022. Le Brésil annonce l’organisation de deux matchs amicaux en France

Last year I wrote about why booking too far in advance can be dangerous for your business, and this concept of margin so eloquently captures what I had recognized had been my problem: I was so booked up with…

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20 March 2020

Brésil-Ghana au Havre : Le « Brasil Global Tour », cirque itinérant ou stratégie sportive cohérente ?

Just the other day I happened to wake up early. That is unusual for an engineering student. After a long time I could witness the sunrise. I could feel the sun rays falling on my body. Usual morning is…

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Capture the Beauty of Nature through Photography

Talking to randos is the norm. I’ll never forget the conversation…

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